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Private Ambulance

Covers you with the First Aid and Emergency Medical Services in any inviromental conditions, heavily accessible, rural, mountain, off shore and on shore!


Private Ambulance

Delivers high quality medical coverage in areas characterised by a lack of adequate social or health infrastructure.


Private Ambulance

Rapidly deploys its medical capability, designs, builds, equips, staffs and operates clinical facilities appropriate for the context in which our clients operate. We provide highly qualified personel and needed equipment and serve our clients with full range of capacities, mutli profile medical services.




Medical Services 


  • 24/7 Hours Medical Consultation Service
  • Deployment and Operation of Remote First aid Clinics
  • Advanced Pre-hospital Trauma Care
  • Evacuation services within and outside country
  • Transportation of Patients in Critical Conditions with High-standard Equipped Ambulances
  • Air Evacuation Services with Medical Helicopters Local and International
  • Full-scale laboratory capabilities
  • International evacuation and out-of-country care, in Association with International SOS
  • Repatriation services


Medical Presence & Consulting 


  • Medical Compliance Consulting
  • Turnkey design and construction of primary care, clinical facilities
  • Supply chain solution (including equipment, controlled drugs and blood products
  • Multi-disciplinary medical and support staff comprising international and local teams
  • Best-practice training and development for international and local staff
  • Medical emergency response planning